Kevin Gibbs


Kevin Gibbs



Kevin Gibbs is a native of New York. Kevin attended and played basketball at three colleges; Monroe College, St. Augustine’s University, and Guilford College.

Kevin is currently engaged to Sheneica Hunter. He’s been a vegetarian for over 5 years and is a strong believer in God. Some of the leaders he admires in life and basketball are Lebron James and Jay Z because they both took their passions and created a successful business that not only helped themselves but others achieve their dreams, exceeding already high expectations.

Kevin began his coaching career as a player development specialist, and strength and conditioning coach for Shooting4Greatness Academy in Raleigh NC.  Here he successfully helped over 70+ student athletes achieve college scholarships. During these six years, He learned how to access physical, social, emotional, and behavioral characteristics in student athletes.

Kevin’s skills range from ball-handling, shooting, vertical jump training, team building concepts, and overall health & fitness. He’s known for getting players to maximize their potential on and off the court. Additionally, Kevin taught NBA, WNBA, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, and Junior College athletes how to take the skills learned on the court and transfer them to real life experiences that lead to a positive outlook on life. Kevin trained NBA player Edwin Ubiles, 2012 D league Rookie of the Year, who signed a 10 day contract with the Washington Wizards.

Kevin decided to start his basketball training business after seeing the need for player development. He watched many trainers neglect the players personal and professional development for their own selfish gain. After years of Raleigh basketball training, Kevin started to see incredible results when dealing with players from a holistic standpoint instead of just basketball. Kevin believes as coaches and basketball trainers we are in a unique position to equip young players with tools and road maps necessary to help them achieve their dreams in life. He has always wanted to combine his passion for helping people with his love for basketball. After many years he has decided to make his dreams come true by helping others achieve theirs.